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How does my fiancee apply for work authorization and lawful permanent resident (green card) status?

Once my fiancée is present in the United States and we marry within 90 days of her/his arrival in the United States, how does s/he apply for work authorization and lawful permanent resident (green card) status?

After your foreign fiancée arrives in the United States, s/he has only ninety(90) days to marry you (the fiancée named in the VISA which has been physically placed into her/his passport.) If the marriage is consummated within 90 days, in a STATE WHICH RECOGNIZES SAME SEX MARRIAGE, the foreign fiancée may file for lawful permanent residence on form I-485, new biographic statement forms, usually a new medical report by a US Civil Surgeon on vaccinations, the evidence previously presented to the US Government to gain approval of the K-1 fiancee visa, a new affidavit of support on appropriate form, and the CURRENT FILING FEE of $1070.00.

At this time, additional forms may be filed without additional fees (if they are filed after there are SIGNIFICANT additional fees) for work authorization, and for Advance Parole. Advance Parole is sought by an applicant for lawful permanent residence (a green card) when s/he wishes to travel prior to grant of lawful permanent residence.

Adequate reasons for travel must be given, such as a sick relative, or a business necessity. Grant of Advance Parole does NOT guarantee the applicant for lawful residence re-admission to the United States, and EXTREME CARE must be paid to the background of the applicant for lawful residence to MAKE CERTAIN that person will not be excluded from the United States by Customs Border & Protection Officers at a U.S. Port of Entry (usually an airport such as LAX, JFK, Washington-Dulles or similar international airport), DETAINED, and put into REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS.

The application process and grant takes anywhere from 5-12 months.

Usually USCIS will require an interview prior to grant of the “green card”.


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