K1 Visa Requirements That Can Get You Denied

Examples of denials requiring a waiver are:

- Prostitution
- Presenting fraudulent documents, making false or misleading statements, misrepresentation of a material fact
- United States overstays
- Hardship waiversk1 visa denied
- Medical Waivers
- Certain criminal grounds
- IMBRA Waiver – filing limitations, etc.
- Visa Denials
- The quality of the petition you submit.


- Visa shops are business people who are not accountable to you. They have no license, and no special educational background to advise you competently about the law and the procedures relative to fiancee visas, lawful permanent residence ("green cards"), or marital visas.

- Visa shops are not required to adhere to ethical standards of the legal profession.

- Many visa shops brag that their clients do not need to be prepared for their interviews at the U.S. Embassy or Consulates abroad, for a fiancee visa or for a marital visa: this "advice" is a poison pill that can and will result in you and your fiancee or spouse undergoing suffering and pain when the visa is denied, because your foreign spouse or fiancee was not prepared for the interview.

- While visa shops may claim that your fiancee or spouse should not "look prepared" or "staged", this is sheer nonsense. Common sense alone tells us that those who prepare are those who succeed, and those who are not prepared, generally and usually fail.

- Proper preparation for a visa interview at a U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad is the time and place where the final decision on your loved one's visa is made. THE DECISION CANNOT BE APPEALED. IT IS FINAL!!!

- Please do not listen to the phony, "siren songs" of visa shops who tell you the visa process is simple, easy, uncomplicated, and does not require the professional assistance of a qualified immigration attorney.

- Finally, answer this question for yourself: if a problem arises in the visa process, what can a "visa shop" do for me or my foreign spouse or fiancee? Another way of stating this is: My lawyer can take preventive steps to avoid problems, and if problems develop, can file paperwork and requests to the U.S.State department asking them to reconsider any adverse decision. Moreover, your attorney can advise you on the proper application(s) to file in the first place, so that no problems arise.

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