CR-1 Marriage Visa with Attorney Daniel Pell

We charge $2500.00 start to finish to obtain either a CR-1 marital visa or an IR1 marital visa, plus required governmental filing fees, and any federal express charges.

If we represented you to obtain your k1 fiancée visa, and now you are married, and you hire us to represent you for a conditional resident card (“conditional green card”….good for two (2) years ), WITHIN 20 days of your marriage to one another, we will process your conditional resident card for $1250.00 total, plus required governmental filing fees, and federal express charges.

CR1 Marriage Visa Information:

A CR1 or IR1 spousal visa, is an immigrant visa issued to an alien who wishes to enter the U.S. to live and stay with their U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse. The “CR” from CR1 stands for conditional resident and is applicable to couples who’ve been married fewer than 2 years. The “IR” from IR1 stands for immediate relative and is applicable for couples who’ve been married 2 years or longer. The obsolete K3 visa was another spouse visa option, but has been mostly done away with in practice. The CR1 and IR1 visa comes with a permanent residency card (green card), unlike K visas.

The major steps to apply for and obtain a marital visa, whether conditional(CR1) or permanent visa(IR1):

  • The U.S. Citizen(U.S.C.) spouse files an I-130 in the United States with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services(USCIS). This is called a Petition for Alien Relative, with required governmental filing fees, and evidence of a good faith, bona fide, marriage. The parties must prove they are free to marry, which means they must be validly married in the country in which the marriage was contracted. The parties must prove any valid prior marriages were terminated by valid divorce decree. Of course, the U.S.C. Petitioning spouse must prove he or she is a U.S.C. with a valid U.S. passport or U.S. birth certificate. The identity of the foreign national must also be established: his/her birth certificate must be produced as well as the foreign national’s birth certificate.

  • Once the I-130 is approved “Stateside” at a USCIS Service Center(there are 5: California, Nebraska, Texas, Miami and Vermont), it is sent to the National Visa Center(NVC) at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

  • The National Visa Center(NVC), sends out a notice to pay the processing fees online and to fill out forms. Once the fees are paid and forms filled out, the NVC requires proof the marriage, and proof that the USC Petitioner/Husband or Wife, meets the financial requirements of the law(125% of the poverty guidelines in effect for the year when the application for the marital visa is filed).

  • Once all forms and documents are filed with the NVC, the NVC sends the approved visa package to the U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad, and schedules the All-Important Visa Interview.

  • The foreign spouse, has his/her medical exam, and obtains police clearance certificates. The foreign spouse pays the interview fee.

  • The foreign spouse goes to the interview, and must convince the Consular Officer of the good faith marriage of the USC Petitioner and the foreign national /citizen spouse who appears before her/him at the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate abroad.

  • If the Consular Officer is convinced that the Foreign National Spouse is admissible to the United States(does not have any disqualifying criminal convictions) nor has engaged in certain legally prohibited acts or professions, nor is an illegal drug trafficker or is otherwise medically disqualified from coming to the United States, the Consular Officer will issue the foreign national spouse either a Conditional Resident Visa-1(CR1) or an IR-1, if the parties have been married more than 2 years at the moment that the visa is granted.

  • In the case of the IR1 visa, where the Spouses have been married for more than 2 years, after the foreign spouse immigrates to the United States, the foreign spouse will receive his/her “green card” in the mail about 2 weeks after entry. The “green card” issued will be good for 10 years.

  • In the case of a CR-1, where the Spouses have been married for less than two(2) years, the foreign spouse will received a green card good for only two(2) years.

  • In this case, 90 days prior to the second (2nd) anniversary of the issuance of the Conditional Resident Card to the foreign spouse, the foreign spouse and sponsoring US citizen spouse, MUST file an I-751 application to remove the conditions of residence. The application must contain the required governmental filing fees, and must prove to USCIS, that the marriage was bona fide when it was entered into between the married couple.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To petition your spouse for a CR1 or IR1 visa, you must:
    - Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident aged 18+
    - Be legally married to your spouse
    - Meet the visa income requirements

    Form Required

    Form I-130. Petition for Alien Relative
    Form G-325A. Biographic Information
    G1145. e-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance (Optional)
    DS-260.Immigrant Visa Electronic Application
    DS-261.online Choice of Address and Agent
    I-864. Affidavit of Support
    Attorney Pell recent cases are for fiancee’s from the following countries:

    Philippines, Ukraine, Colombia, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, United Arab, Emirates, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and countries of European Union.

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