Attorney Daniel M. Pell, has extensive experience in obtaining release of persons who are detained by USICE, while their removal proceedings(the legal action taken by US Immigration & Customs Enforcement to obtain an Order of Removal against a non-citizen, and then to physically remove and deport the person from the United States).

Immigration Judge Bonds

The Immigration Judge has authority in most cases, BUT NOT ALL CASES, to release a non-citizen in removal proceedings from USICE custody. If a person has entered the United States, s/he is usually eligible for a bond(the legal obligation evidenced by a written promise, and an amount of money a US citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident(LPR) must pay to obtain release from custody).

Immigration Bonds vary in amount from $1500.00(the lowest amount permitted by Regulation) to well over $50,000.00. The average bond amount ranges between $2500-$30,000.00.

The three(3) main factors which an Immigration Judge considers on the issue of bond are:

  • Does the person have a viable defense from removal,
  • Does the person present a risk of flight if given bond,
  • Does the person present a risk to others in the community.

  • As in defense of removal, it is important to gather evidence, secure a person to pay the bond(who must be either a US citizen or green card holder), establish the financial ability of the person posting bond to pay that bond, in order to help establish the bond amount(the person posting bond is called a “surety”), and to establish that the non-citizen the government seeks to remove and deport is worthy of a bond, will appear as required, and will not harm people if s/he is permitted to re-enter the community.

    Release on Parole

    USICE Deportation and Detention Officers have the authority to release non-citizens who are placed into removal proceedings on Parole. Parole, in the context of removal proceedings, means, release by an Immigration Officer(usually the Field Office Director, or an Assistant Field Office Director). Usually, an application is made by a person, requesting release because that person does not qualify for an Immigration Judge Bond, because of a certain type of criminal conviction that prevents the person from receiving an Immigration Judge Bond, or because the person has not “entered” the United States(for example, persons who appear at a Port of Entry of the United States, and request protection in the form of asylum, withholding of removal or withholding of removal under the United Nations Convention Against Torture, have not “entered” the United States, and are only allowed in until their Applications for Asylum, Withholding of Removal, or Withholding of Removal under the UNCAT have been decided by an Immigration Judge or on appeal). In such case, the person can be released by USICE on parole if the person can demonstrate an urgent humanitarian need, or a public benefit will be conferred by that person’s release from custody. Needless to say, release on parole while occurring is far less frequent than is release on an Immigration Judge’s Order granting a bond.

    Release ordered by a United States district court judge Federal habeas corpus actions

    Non-citizens, who are in removal proceedings, who have been detained in USICE custody for longer than 6 months, may qualify for release by a United States District Court Judge, after that Judge considers whether or not the person qualifies for a bond or release on parole by an Immigration Judge, and the specific reason(s) why the person has not been released. The request for release is made to a U.S. Judge and to the United States District Judge where person is being held in custody. Federal Court actions are complex, and the assistance of counsel is strongly advised. Attorney Daniel M. Pell, has extensive experience in the preparation, filing, and litigation of habeas corpus actions brought on behalf of USICE Detainees. Attorney Daniel Pell is not licensed in every U.S. District Court in the United States, but can obtain permission to practice in any Federal Court by permission of the Judge presiding over the case.

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